What is Flat Towing?

2022 All New Jeep Grand Cherokee

Flat towing vehicles has become more and more popular among RV owners. What is flat towing? Well, you may have seen examples of it on our Tacoma roads – a motorhome pulling an automobile behind it without using a trailer or tow dolly. This is the most convenient method of towing a car, but not all cars can be towed this way. What vehicles can be flat towed? Can you flat tow a Jeep Wrangler, for example? We talk about flat towing in more detail below and discuss things to keep in mind if you plan on flat towing a Jeep.



What is Flat Towing, Exactly?

As we said, flat towing is probably the most popular method of towing among RV owners. What is flat towing? Flat towing, also called “dinghy towing” and “four-down towing”, is towing a car with all four wheels on the ground. This is different from using a tow dolly, which places two of the towed vehicles on the ground, or a trailer, which takes all of the wheels off of the ground. Many RV owners prefer to flat tow their vehicles so that they don’t have to worry about storing the tow dolly or trailer when not in use and they can simply disconnect their car and start driving it right after parking the RV. A lot of our Spanaway customers enjoy taking their RV out on vacation, so this method of towing may be something they would want to look into.

What Vehicles Can Be Flat Towed

Not every vehicle can be flat towed. It is not recommended to flat tow vehicles that aren’t designed for it, as this can cause serious damage to the transmission and drivetrain. So, what vehicles can be flat towed? Is flat towing a Jeep Cherokee recommended? Can you flat tow a Jeep Wrangler? Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models can all be flat-towed. Certain trims and 4×4 versions of other models can also be towed. We’ve put together a list below, but the final word on whether a vehicle can be flat towed is your owner’s manual. So, be sure to check it before attempting to flat tow your Jeep.

Jeep Vehicles That Can Be Flat-Towed

What’s Involved in Flat Towing a Jeep

While you can flat tow a Jeep Wrangler, you will need to purchase additional equipment. Flat towing requires a tow kit that includes, among other things, a tow bar and base plate. You will also want to add a towed vehicle auxiliary braking system. This is required in some states, but is a good idea for safety’s sake, regardless of which state you drive in.

Check Out the Flat Towable Vehicles at Tacoma Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

We have several Jeep models that are flat towable sitting in our showroom. Why not come down and take a test drive? We’d be happy to get you behind the wheel of one, whether you’re looking to lease or buy it. We’re just a short drive away from Gig Harbor. So, drop by or contact us today.


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